Personalization on Facebook

september 11, 2016

The secret of the algoritm for Facebook Feed:


Design principles

augusti 30, 2016

Why design principles creates better products
Bra artikel om hur man skapar designprinciper och nyttan med den:

Collection with design principles are here:

Articles about how design principles and brand principles are different and blend

Customer Experience vs. User Experience: Why the Difference Matters


Ice score

maj 29, 2016

You get ideas from everyone in your team. To know how difficult the hypothesis are to test, you can use the ICE score method where you use the points 1- 10 within I-Impact, C-Confidence, E-Ease.

  • Impact. If this idea works, will it have a big impact?
  • Confidence. How confident are you that this idea will work?
  • Ease. Is this idea something that will be easy to test, or will it take weeks of product development to figure out?

UX manifests /principles and Playbooks

april 21, 2016

Here is a collection of UX manifests and playbooks for inspiration.

Lean UX manifesto

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 13.30.57












Facebook research

april 14, 2016

How Facebook makes research on products that are on early stage or are already mature.

Research framework:

Define: Early stage research – do not really now

Explore – feedback on lo-fi prototypes – quickly to narrow down options

focus – usability – ship and launch – user test to know if they get through the products common tasks

Refine – revisit after launch – understand the data behind. work closely with analytics

revisit – existed for a while. asking fundamataling questions


Early stage example was a study made for buy/sell groups. Talked to different kinds of sellers , those posting in groups, using their profile, page sellers – went broad as they didnt have any hypothesis. They saw that buyer and sellers are using all channels as they got pros. Facebook then made changes, but some who sold a lot didnt sell as much. They went back to see why and could see that those who posted to several channels didn´t understand how to post to many any longer. Changed a button to make it easier to post in several groups.

Mature product example – login and share
Talked to 300 persons! They have resources 🙂 Saw that the highest barrier in India was performance, so they are working mostly on that.

Inspirational how they share the results with stakeholders – instead of long boring PPT/keynote
– walkthrough – mini museum on the wall 
– quiz

Stakeholders are also taking part in the analyses. Why should they take their time? Because it will make them get going faster working in right direction.

Trender 2016

mars 30, 2016


mars 29, 2016


Studier visar att medarbetare presterar bättre om de har ett klart mål framför sig.


november 23, 2015

Slideshare om onbording


Google ventures designspring

november 3, 2015

Exposure hours

september 25, 2015

Jared Spools artikel om User Exposure hours.

”We saw many teams that conducted a study once a year or even less. These teams struggled virtually the same as teams who didn’t do any research at all.

The teams with the best results were those that kept up the research on an ongoing basis. It seems that six weeks was the bare minimum for a two-hour exposure dose.”