Facebook research

How Facebook makes research on products that are on early stage or are already mature.

Research framework:

Define: Early stage research – do not really now

Explore – feedback on lo-fi prototypes – quickly to narrow down options

focus – usability – ship and launch – user test to know if they get through the products common tasks

Refine – revisit after launch – understand the data behind. work closely with analytics

revisit – existed for a while. asking fundamataling questions


Early stage example was a study made for buy/sell groups. Talked to different kinds of sellers , those posting in groups, using their profile, page sellers – went broad as they didnt have any hypothesis. They saw that buyer and sellers are using all channels as they got pros. Facebook then made changes, but some who sold a lot didnt sell as much. They went back to see why and could see that those who posted to several channels didn´t understand how to post to many any longer. Changed a button to make it easier to post in several groups.

Mature product example – login and share
Talked to 300 persons! They have resources 🙂 Saw that the highest barrier in India was performance, so they are working mostly on that.

Inspirational how they share the results with stakeholders – instead of long boring PPT/keynote
– walkthrough – mini museum on the wall 
– quiz

Stakeholders are also taking part in the analyses. Why should they take their time? Because it will make them get going faster working in right direction.


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