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Exposure hours

september 25, 2015

Jared Spools artikel om User Exposure hours.

”We saw many teams that conducted a study once a year or even less. These teams struggled virtually the same as teams who didn’t do any research at all.

The teams with the best results were those that kept up the research on an ongoing basis. It seems that six weeks was the bare minimum for a two-hour exposure dose.”


Cano model

september 15, 2015

”He conducted a study with 900 participants to substantiate that these emotional response types exist and can be reliably measured.”

Attracive features is not expected, but basic featuers that is missing is a reason for dissapointment.

Over time – Attractive featuers becomes must haves.







Jared Spool on a conference..

But is this really a good method for selecting features? What the user say might not be what he needs..

Exposure hours

september 13, 2015

Kano – modell

september 13, 2015

12 reads on e-commerce design

september 11, 2015

UX organisation

september 11, 2015

Forrester report about UX impact in different business and best practice.

How to modernize user experience

Leah Buley: The Modern UX Organization @ Interaction Conf 2015:

Other good reads: