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The user experience with creative sprints – brainstorming throug BAD ideas

juli 31, 2015

A really inspiring article that has some different angles within the Lean UX.

Guardian writes how the started to use UX processes within the team. They created personas with having dairy studies and then:

Get to know the personas

”At the end of the session all the team members were assigned a profile and given homework: think long and hard about that reader, then come up with an awful idea for them.”

This is an interesting approach – to brainstorm about the WORST idea for each persona and then vote for the worst one. Is another way of getting to know them.

Afterwords they discussed about what makes a good idea and whats makes a bad idea within the team.

WHY  did they choose this approach ? It was because people was nervous to not come up with a brilliant idea. Now they didn´t have to be nervous about it.

Brainstorming new ideas

For this they used the crazy eights. For 4 minitues they had to come up with 8 ideas.

For then doing the prioritizing they had o good aproach: Removing the common dot prioritizing ( where everyone gets X number of dots and the one with most dots wins).

Instead of dots they have an X and Y axel, where on X is the scale of most or least useful for the user and X is the scale of how hard it is to implement. You can also combine the methods if there are to many ideas. First vote and then put the most wanted on the scales.

Next phase – building ideas and test

They had 2 days assigned for buildning. After the creative days the stakeholders was invited to diskuss and vote for the best long term and short term ideas. They invited the participants from the diary study to test.

Then the product managers got to plan the implementation…

The user experience with creative sprints


Personas and scenarios -slideshare

juli 30, 2015

Persona and Scenario