Change aversion

Jared Spool håller inte med Googles artikel om change aversion som menar att de flesta har förändringsaversion. Han menar att de flesta älskar förändringar, men att man inte helt plötsligt vill känna sig dum!

”In most cases, people hate change because they don’t like to suddenly become stupid. ”

”Because of the changes, you suddenly find yourself unable to do the things you once did. While some are smart enough to blame the designers, most will blame themselves. And those people hate feeling stupid, just like everyone else.”

”When the change happens, often the benefits aren’t clear or obvious. Even when they are, the team hasn’t made it clear why the user has to learn how to do everything over again”

”Good design is invisible, men när designen ändras,  så hamnar den i förgrunden igen och i vägen”

Recently, we were talking with a project manager who got it: “If we do our job well, the users won’t notice anything the day after our launch.” That manager was shooting to make the changes seamless and unnoticeable. The new functionality (and there will be a bunch) will hopefully appear to the users as if it had been there all along.

Men då gäller det att designa så att det verkligen blir sömlöst och att man inte känner igen det..

En äldre artikel om ändring.



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