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Lookback – remote användartest av app

augusti 28, 2014

Videofilmar ansikte och gester. Kan ge feedback inom den.


Parallax scrolling – Blocket overshoot day

augusti 25, 2014

Bra kommunikaton och lösning av Blocket!

Lean – testa samtidigt och snabbt..

augusti 21, 2014

.. Flera stycken så behövs ingen dokumentation. Författaren tycker att 30 min tester är bra o att man gör dem samtidigt.

Smashing Magazine – Getting started with design sprints

Från artikeln:
”The kick-off and research step is where having a larger team becomes really useful. Each member of the team can have a thirty-minute talk with three people. With four people doing this in parallel, the team can complete twelve interviews in ninety minutes. Counting some extra time between the interviews and the fact that it’s quite unlikely that all interviews will happen in parallel, I schedule half a day for this activity.

By doing only three interviews or observations per person and keeping each as just thirty minutes, it reduces the need for remembering or documenting. In my experience the thirty-minute interview is long enough that I can find patterns across multiple interviews. Longer conversations can bring more insight, but remember you can do that in future sprints, equipped with even more knowledge that will be gained between now and the next sprint.”