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Ios släpper gratis bok om app-design

maj 28, 2014

iOS Human Interface Guidelines finns att ladda ner gratis på Ibook store.



Bra slideshare om att designa för touch

maj 23, 2014

Collapsing sitemap on Axshare by default using plugins

maj 10, 2014

I´m currently working on a project where I have produced about 60 wireframes. I work in Axure and publish my wireframes for the projectteam on Axshare.
The problem is that Axshare opens (!) the entire sitemap – expanding all the treenodes per default. This is frustrating as it makes it very hard to find what you want.

So a collegue of mine googled and found  this solution for collapsing the nodes, but this was when exporting the project as HTML prototype. So I created this script for the plugin feature on Axshare. There will be a flash of the nodes expanding before collapsing.

Jquery code for collapsing the sitemap on Axshare:

Only tested in Chrome and Safari for now. 

<script type=”text/javascript”>



Do the following:

1. Log in to Axshare.

2. On the ”My projects” view – click on the project link.

3. Then click on ”Plugins” in the menu for your project.

4. Click on ”New Plugin”.

5.  Give the plugin a name. For exampel ”Collapse the sitemap”.
Then choose ”End of the head” in the Location options.

6. Cut and paste the code above into Content

7. Save! And next time you refresh your projects link on Axshare it will work.

Adding javascript in the plugin for Asxhare

If you find ways to improve the code – tell me! Haven´t done scripting for several years…
I also sent a request to the development team for Axure and they answeared that they might implement this feature in the future.