Service Experience 2013 | David Gray | Keynote: When Service Design Meets the Divided Company

What happens when a service design project meets a hierarchical, divided company?

You can design an amazing service, and yet at the end of the day, the organizations still has to deliver. A service design project that ignores organizational readiness is doomed to fail. How to move service projects forward in the face of such constraints? Service design usually means a change initiative. More than half of change initiatives fail to achieve their objectives. Most of these initiatives fail because they don’t adequately understand the organization’s culture and potential for resisting the change.

Dave will talk about the importance of culture, and provide a method that anyone can use to map and understand the culture of a team, group or organization.

Having a map of your culture will help you understand what’s possible and what’s not possible. What aspects of the culture can be changed, and what aspects might be too difficult to tackle. Like any map, it will help you discover hidden opportunities and identify threats before it’s too late.



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