Lean startup

Föreläsning med Eric Ries om hans bok: Lean startup

”We can now build anything we can imagine. The future of our financial success depends on our ability to create from our imagination.”

The good entrepreneurs is not better than bad they are
Piviting is about how to adapt to changes without loosing the vision and to take advantage of what you have learned. Change in strategy than in vision.
How many opportunities can we pivit instead of get our buisness to run. Change faster instead of ask for more money.

validated learning – instead of being proud of doing project on time and on budget that nobody likes = achivieng failure.
Don´t discuss milestones and how we are in the plan. Insteda forecast planning and future as the world is not stable. Therefor use piviting

Lean – comes from Japan. If we look through the eyes of the customers we can understand wich values are valuecreating and which is a vaste.
But if we don´t know yet who is the customer, through which eyes do we see and how do you know that the product is wanted? Eric tells about the failure of 6 months producing within agile, but do not do any research on market -> nobody intrested in product. 0:23:42


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