Notes from reading ”Social Networking on Intranets” – Nielsens alertbox

Full article is to read hear:

  • Organize the informationstructure of the Intranet through how it is used. Not after organisation.
  • Create personlized login based on roles – better way to present relevant information.

As social media is common in the spare time for younger persons, they expect social media at work rises.

No need to supervising workcommunities, as they police themselves.

Companies must let the word be free. You can´t control the social media.

Companies that uses social media at the office, has not decided on leading level to use it. Instead it is grasroot efforts.

Social media is not about the tool, it is about what you let the users do with it. Does it meet a business need. Else you should not have it.

New tools, make a visible way from the intranet.

Prefill and let the user discover it gradually, instead of leaving it blanc for them to personlize themselves.

Begin to introduce the social media as not fully integrated on the intranet, then make a whole redesign when the time is mature.

A few people who is contributing gives a lot of value for example search with tags for pages.

Search shall be unified for whole intranet. Both for information and for social aspects.

Remember the company culture. Is it ok to share information?

Wasted time? Most coworkers act like working proffessionals and the studie shows that there were not much junk messages.


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