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Use of internet from mobile phones

augusti 26, 2009

Intresting is that it´s still so low procentage is Sweden who has used the mobile phone to go out on internet. Only 16 %!! has ever used the phone to go out on Internet. Scaring!!! Will be intresting if the Iphone boom will create a boom of internet use…


Statistics are fun. Internet more common than newspaper and TV

augusti 26, 2009

Year 2002 there were 20% of the Swedes who had broadband. Today there are more than 70%! Actually more than have daily newspaper.

Among those who are between 25 – 44 they spend almost 2 hours on internet every day, as much as they watch on TV. Even a few percent more…

A common day 80% of this segment use internet. In 2003 it was only 40% who used internt. The intresting is that the watching of TV hasn´t changed. It is still about 80% as well.


augusti 26, 2009

Bra resurs för att få intressant statistik.

Samlar statistik från World Internet Institute, SCB, Nordicom (Mediebarometern), Kommunikationsmyndigheten PTS (bevakar elektronisk kommunikation) och .se (ansvarar för .se domänen), SCB

I´m inlove with this form…

augusti 21, 2009

I was going to make a change of adress to get my daily newspaper and I falled in love with their form. It´s elegant, clear and very functional.

Instead of using boooring and ugly drop down lists there are clear buttons insted, and if you for some stupid reason don´t fill in all the required information and goes to the next step, you will get at message as soon as you have pressed on of the options. That is before you ”Submit” button. Common these days, but not always prioritezed when threre is limited time and budget. And for this newspaper – this form is really important as their customers moves, want to make breaks in the prenumeration and so on.

Also – the form expand as you fill in information in an elegant way. The Submit buttom is not present until you have filled in more information. But maybe there should be some kind of visual feedback that the submit buttom really exists.

There is a checkbox for ”I want to fill in more information” as well. And there you get some really important message – don´t fill this in if your matter is in a hurry. We will take care of this manual and then it will take 2 days.

Well, so what did I do then? I decided to call – I wanted to have my newspaper TOMORROW. So I didn´t rely on the form, even though I did not need to fill this in. The girl who answeared said that I will get my newspaper on next tuesday. So now I´m wondering. Would I have got my newspaper faster if I had filled in the form – cause calling will make a manual care of my matter?

So this elegant form missed one feedback – if I had choosen my issue in the form – in this case – change of adress – I would have needed a message – it will take about X days to make this. Then I would not have called instead…

Notes from reading ”Social Networking on Intranets” – Nielsens alertbox

augusti 17, 2009

Full article is to read hear:

  • Organize the informationstructure of the Intranet through how it is used. Not after organisation.
  • Create personlized login based on roles – better way to present relevant information.

As social media is common in the spare time for younger persons, they expect social media at work rises.

No need to supervising workcommunities, as they police themselves.

Companies must let the word be free. You can´t control the social media.

Companies that uses social media at the office, has not decided on leading level to use it. Instead it is grasroot efforts.

Social media is not about the tool, it is about what you let the users do with it. Does it meet a business need. Else you should not have it.

New tools, make a visible way from the intranet.

Prefill and let the user discover it gradually, instead of leaving it blanc for them to personlize themselves.

Begin to introduce the social media as not fully integrated on the intranet, then make a whole redesign when the time is mature.

A few people who is contributing gives a lot of value for example search with tags for pages.

Search shall be unified for whole intranet. Both for information and for social aspects.

Remember the company culture. Is it ok to share information?

Wasted time? Most coworkers act like working proffessionals and the studie shows that there were not much junk messages.