Multiple versions of Internet Explorer – Superpreview – a disappointment

Instead of standalones and several installations of Windows in VMWare – Microsoft have released SuperPreview for IE 6, 7 and 8.

Download here:

It is not working with VMWare – not startint at all if you don´t change regedit as described here:

Superpreview is really promising at a first look:

  1. Open browsers side by side in the UI.
  2. Pixelreview the layout by placing one page over another.
  3. Easy to open the version of the browser you want to check.

But – this is the serious problems that made me decide not to run Superpreview, at least not until they have fixed these issues:

  1. You cannot click the links on the pages.
  2. I can´t rely on that the rendering of the pages is correct. IE 8 in the Superpreview and the real version on Windows shows acid 3 test different.
  3. Difficult to see wich browser you are testing in.
  4. Download speed of the page is sooo slow.

This summer (2009) there will be a full release togehter with Expression 3. Then preview will also be available in Firefox and Safari…

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2 svar to “Multiple versions of Internet Explorer – Superpreview – a disappointment”

  1. Vasya Says:

    You may want to take a look at this new fast cross browser screenshot application.

    Currently it only supports Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on Windows, but as it is being actively developed more features and additional browsers will be added in the future.

  2. kecke Says:

    Thanks alot for your input. I will try it out.


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